Madina Khamitova

Artistic Director


Moss&Rose was originally founded in New York and was a culmination of my life long love affair with flowers. The experience of having New York as a playground and an unforgivable mentor was priceless during the early days of our business. It was a blast and I’m forever grateful to the Big Apple for helping the business form a unique identity.

In 2012 my family moved to Singapore and I decided to open the company here to continue doing what I love. So, now we have a chance to enjoy working with tropical plants and flowers and bring our own flavor to the eclectic and beautiful Singapore.

Our Philosophy

We love flowers and we love nature, which is why our philosophy is to keep an eye on environment. Our eco- friendly initiative allows to raise awareness amongst our clients about the necessity of protecting and saving our planet for future generations. We want to share with you how we  try to reduce our impact on Earth:

– We strive to buy fresh locally grown flowers in order to reduce pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels and by production of packaging materials;

– We recycle the vases and offer discounts to those clients, who drop off their vases at our studio before events;

– Our stationery is made of recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly inks;

– We use computers for our correspondence and reporting to reduce the use of paper;

– The packaging materials include recycled paper and cardboard. We reuse non-recyclable products as much as possible and clean our tools and containers only with eco-friendly products, which are environmentally safe and do not pose any health risks;

– And finally Moss&Rose’s website hosting is powered by 100% wind energy!